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Card Rules

If available, you can define rules on how your cards should be displayed. For example, you can create two (or more) versions of a card and make version 1 available to course participants that have an even user-ID number and version 2 is then available to all other participants. This can be a useful feature for performing studies.

Rules can be defined as follows:

  • In general, rules should only be defined for cases that are not (yet) part of an active course. Otherwise this might cause unwanted effects if users re-open a session.
  • Use the context menu to create new cards (create new card or copy card).
  • Only one of the cards within a set should be made visible, all other cards from the set should be flagged with “hide in player”.  (This occurs automatically if you use the copy card function).
  • Mark one of the cards within the set as the “default card”. This card will be displayed before and after the rules are activated.
  • Choose the rule(s) for each card. Some examples of available rules are user-ID even/uneven, user-ID in a specific range, login starts/ends with, etc.

The defined rules will be activated for an entire course if it has also been activated in the course manager. If the case is part of more than one course, the rules will only apply to the courses in which it has been flagged. All other courses will only display the default card(s).

Please contact us if you want to use this feature and are unsure about the functionality or if it is not yet available in your version.

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