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Question and Answer Types

There are various types of question and answer formats that you can work with in CASUS. It is also important to add an answer comment, in order to explain which answers are correct and which ones are false and also why.

The feedback for every type of question consists of three parts:
Expert solution: After postulating the question, the author gives his expert solution. Students, after having answered the question, can compare their answers to the expert solution.
Quantitative feedback: After having answered the question, students receive feedback telling them how well they did. This feedback is generated automatically.
Explanation for the expert solution (answer comment): Explaining the correct answer and the reasoning behind it is especially important, so that the students understand how and why this particular solution is correct. The answer comment should illustrate which considerations brought you to your expert solution. You should also indicate if specialty knowledge was used in solving the problem. It is also very helpful to refer to literature or even provide direct hyperlinks to online sources.

The following types of questions are supported by the authoring system:

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