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You can use images, audio or video to underscore your medical findings or medical examination methods. The multimedia data can also include explanatory keys.

The following multimedia elements are supported by the CASUS authoring system and can be included on your case cards:

  • Videos (.mov,.mpg): You can upload one video per case card. If you would like to have more videos, please use the hyperlink feature to redirect the player. A video file can be up to 20MB. Please keep in mind that if you are using mpeg2 the user has to download a plugin, which may cause additional fees. The best compatibility for the video's audio is h.264 Codec and mp3. Your video will automatically be transcoded into four different formats for maximum HTML5 video compatibility (ogv, webm, mp4, flash-video). At the moment video size is limited to 1024 x 768 Pixel in Version 11.4 and lower, Version 11.5 and up will be 1920 x 1080 Pixel.
  • Flash-movies: CASUS does not recommend using Flash, because of its incompatibility with iOS devices.
  • PDF: File size is limited to 1MB in Version 11.4 and lower, and 5MB from Version 11.5 up.
  • Images (.jpg (for photos), .gif (for flowcharts) or .png): The maximum format is 2048 x 1536 Pixel or 5MB. New as Beta Feature: Automatically downsizes images up to 8000 x 8000 (64 Megapixel) Pixel to CASUS limits. The maximum file size is 1MB in Version 11.4 and lower, and 5MB from Version 11.5 up.

The current CASUS Version is displayed on the lower right-hand corner of the login page.

In order to add a video or image to your card, click on search or type the path directly into the input field. Please make sure that you choose one of the above-mentioned formats. Then click save to upload the video or image file onto the card (and into the database). After that you can add a comment in the field next to the video or image. If there is more than one picture on a card, you can navigate between them by using the scrollbar. If you click on the magnifier icon, the image will be displayed in its original size. You can change the order of the pictures by using the arrows. You can edit your images (e.g. text, hyperlinks, arrows) by using the image editor. The image editor is only compatible with Firefox.

To delete an image or video, simply click on the trash icon.

To see what the card will look like in player mode, click preview. To return to the authoring system click close preview. It may take up to one day to complete the necessary video transcoding and to generate all video formats, thus it may occur that you will not be able to preview a video immediately after you have uploaded it.

You can find more information about the didactic use of multimedia elements here.

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